In a Nutshell

How many times have you had to reset your password? Did you know that 78% of users regularly forget every three months? More than half of us also tend to use the same word or phrase to make it easier to remember.

Much of our lives are locked away behind passwords on digital media. It’s frustrating when you get the message that your password is incorrect. Dashlane saves all your passwords and helps to make them stronger. Plus, it’s secure!


Dashlane helps to simplify your life, on and offline. It’s frustrating when you are forced to change your password and you’re prompted not to reuse one from the past year. Annoying!

Easily manage all your passwords in one safe place. Keep payment and personal information secure from hackers. Shop online without the worry of anyone else gaining access to your details.

Dashlane helps you change old, weak passwords into new, strong ones. The best part is, you don’t even have to remember! All information is stored in Dashlane’s zero-knowledge system. That means you are the only person who can access private details.

Best For

Dashlane is a great software for managing and protecting passwords. All sensitive information is protected with a military-grade Master Password. It also has a 2-factor authentication for extra-secure login. 

You can also add an emergency contact. Dashlane will send an email to ask if this person can access your account. If you don’t reply by the end of your selected wait period, they will be let in.

Set up Dark Web monitoring easily. Dashlane will check if your information has been stolen or compromised. Hackers will offer to sell your credit card, Social Security, and phone numbers.

Why Choose Dashlane?

Dashlane offers the most features of any password manager out there. The software is extremely user-friendly and well-designed. 

With a fast and reliable VPN, it places Dashlane head and shoulders above the competition. Plus, the password changer is a premium and unique feature to Dashlane.

What Dashlane Offers

Dashlane offers peace of mind when it comes to online protection. Never worry about passwords again! They are the only password manager with the ability to change your passwords with the click of a single button.

The free package offers a lot of security options, but for just $3.33 a month, you can upgrade to the premium.

Basic packages include password storage of up to 50 websites and form autofill for quick and easy checkout. You also receive security alerts for any activity on your accounts.

The password generator is a great feature to increase your online security. It creates and changes your weak passwords into strong ones. This makes it very difficult for anyone to hack into your accounts or steal your identity.


When using the free package you can store up to 50 passwords and payment information. You can access Dashlane through one device and have form and payment autofill. This provides a fast and secure checkout when shopping online.

You will also get access to a free 30-day trial of the Premium package. You’ll get to try the services before making any commitments. This package offers the same features as the basic but extends password saving and device to unlimited.

You will also gain the Dark Web monitoring with alerts plus the VPN for safe browsing when in public.

With the Premium Plus, you get identity theft protection, insurance, and support. This is a reassuring feature, especially for anyone who’s ever been a victim. You will have your credit report monitored as well as insurance of up to 1 million bucks!

Easy to Use

If you’ve ever experienced any challenges with past softwares, Dashlane will be a breeze to set up and use!

All you have to do is download the setup file. Within two clicks, you’ll have the browser extension installed. One more click, all your existing passwords will be imported. That’s it! Three clicks for security.

Within minutes you will be able to create your account and make your Master Password. From there, you download and install the Dashlane Windows app. This allows you to import all your current passwords.

Once your existing passwords are imported, you’re one click away from generating new, stronger passwords. Dashlane will automatically update your login information.

It’s simple to install the Chrome extension, which is all you need for password management. The browser extension will automatically log into websites you visit and auto-fill in your payment information when making online purchases.

Most users forget it’s even running! That’s how easy it is to use.

Security and Reliability

A common concern regarding all your personal information being in one place is accessibility. Who exactly can access it? Only you can. No Dashlane employee can get your Master Password or see your information.

Your Master Password is encrypted on your device. You are the only person who knows it! It is never sent to Dashlane’s servers. Even if Dashlane’s servers get hacked, your Master Password is not stored there. All other information is encrypted.

There also is no password hint as they are considered an easy way to get your actual password. Additionally, if you log into a new device a token is required. This will stop just anyone from accessing your account.

Dashlane is serious about your security. Some may feel wary to have so much important information in one place, but Dashlane works to keep their servers protected. They regularly check for unusual activity and look for vulnerabilities.


Dashlane offers three plans to choose from; free, premium, and premium plus. Unfortunately, premium plus is only available in the U.S.

The free package offers password storage for a maximum of 50 sites. You can also save personal information such as address and payment details for autofill when online shopping.

It’s simple to generate strong passwords and change them across all sites with the click of a button. You also have a safe place to store notes thanks to the 2-factor authentication login method.

You can utilize the password sharing option with up to 5 people and allow for emergency contact access. This is a handy feature because if something were to happen, it’s nice to know family or a close friend would be able to access your accounts.

If you decide the free package is simply just not enough, consider the premium plan. It offers all the features you get in the free plan, but several additional items.

A really cool feature is the Dark Web monitoring. If you’ve ever been hacked before, most likely on Facebook or Netflix, it’s not a great feeling. Knowing your information is safe and secure is a huge relief!

It also offers a VPN with unlimited data and up to 1GB of file storage. You will be able to have remote access from apps either on Chrome, Firefox, or the Edge. Rather than only being able to access your account from one device, you will be able to check-in remotely.

That is a lot of features for just $3.33 a month!

Premium Plus
This package is only available in the US. If you’ve ever been a victim of identity theft, the features will interest you.

A great feature is its identity insurance. If you do get your identity stolen, Dashlane provides insurance from the American Insurance Group for up to 1 million dollars. That’s a lot of coins! 

They also offer professional advice on how to recover from a case of identity theft. It’s nice to be able to have peace of mind from this devastating event.

Dashlane will also monitor your credit. You will receive notification on any activity on your credit report.

Still not satisfied? Not to worry. Dashlane offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Help and Support

Dashlane provides a variety of help and support options, depending on the issue you’re experiencing. Check out the FAQs, send them an email, or chat using the help button on their site.

The FAQ section is extremely detailed. They provide step-by-step instructions to help solve your problem. There is also a blog in the support section of their website. The article titles are specific so you can easily get the help you seek.

English not your first language? Dashlane offers support in French, German, and Spanish as well. You can change the website language and receive emails in your preferred language. The online chat support is only offered in English. 

It’s interesting to note that Dashlane does not offer phone support and makes a point to let you know. They request that if you come across any sites that claim to do so, let them know. They will take immediate action to pull those sites down. 

They also let you know that the support team will never ask you for any information related to your account. This includes your Master Password. If your assistant is requesting such information, they are not associated with Dashlane.

On a final note, Dashlane does give preferential treatment to their Premium subscribers. They promise faster response times to any inquiries.


If you’ve ever had to reset your passwords, it is a time-consuming, frustrating process. With Dashlane, you can keep all your passwords in one safe place!

Let Dashlane fill in all your passwords, payment, and personal details for you. They can save you time online, so you can focus on more important things.

Dashlane can’t see your information. No employee can access it. Because of this, they are not interested in selling your data. No unwanted ads or solicitation emails!

Overall, this password manager is so simple and safe to use. It helps to keep all your accounts from being hacked and brings you peace of mind that your information is secure.