In a Nutshell

Unlike most password managers, Everykey goes beyond securing and unlocking your website accounts. It’s a Bluetooth device, offering military-grade security, that unlocks your phone, laptop, house, and car when you’re nearby. Once you walk away, it locks them all up again, and if you ever lose it, you can remotely freeze it, keeping it safe from unauthorized use.


● Features: Bluetooth device you can use in place of all your passwords and keys
● Ease of use: Very easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy
● Reliability: The device is generally reliable and is lockable if lost
● Value: One-time payment for every key and affordable subscription for the 1-year Everykey Vault
● Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
Best For
● Secure password generation
● Automatic website login and connecting to the internet securely
● Automatic locking and unlocking of any of your access-controlled devices

Why Choose Everykey

Imagine not having to carry your house or car keys around, and logging in to your favorite websites without having to type in your credentials. Everykey offers that kind of convenience and a lot more. With its top of the line security measures, your passwords, home, car, and any other devices stay safe and secure in an easy, technologically advanced way. Everykey achieves and maintains these security standards with four layers of AES and RSA encryption for all your passwords stored in the Everykey Vault.

As long as the devices and property you want to keep safe are Bluetooth Low Energy compatible, you can use Everykey as your only line of defense. The key comes with a charging cable and a keyring accessory so you can keep your Everykey charged up and carry it easily. 

The Everykey App makes setting up easy, so you can pair your key to your devices, adjust the range, and freeze it if it’s ever lost or stolen. It also helps you keep your Everykey updated on the latest features and security standards.

What Everykey Offers

Everykey primarily offers a unique way to keep your sensitive information and everything that matters to you safe from hacks, theft, and other threats. You can get one key for yourself or share the security Everykey offers with friends and family through the other packages of two or four keys. 

The Bluetooth device comes at a one-time set price, so unlike most password managers, you won’t need to pay a costly fee to renew your subscription. Each key has a 1-year Everykey vault included. After the first year, you can keep using it for the low cost of $5 per month. WIth your key and Everykey vault you can enjoy:

● Unlimited storage for all your passwords in a safe and secure location
● Web browser compatibility
● Operating system compatibility
● Military-grade security

The browser integration makes it easier for you to log in to your accounts and use the internet securely. With the app for mobile or desktop available on the Everykey download page, you can register your account and set up your key, passwords, and devices.

Besides ensuring that your information is safe, Everykey helps you generate secure passwords for all your website accounts. The process is quick and simple, giving you additional security for your information along with the many layers of encryption used in the Everykey vault. Through the high standards of security offered, Everykey protects you from:

● Spoofing
● Malware
● Data theft


Having one key for everything is just one feature that makes it the right choice. Along with everything else, you get the kind of safety you signed up for and more. Some of the features offered by Everykey are:

Military Grade Security
The Everykey vault protects your passwords using AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit, and RSA 4096-bit encryption, also used by the military to protect confidential documents. The Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm encrypts your data and ensures that you’re the only one who can decrypt and access it. Through this security protocol, you can use the internet securely while enjoying the convenience of automatic logins to all your website accounts.

Wireless Communication 
The Everykey Bluetooth device uses Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) to communicate with your devices. The Bluetooth connection allows it to detect your computer, phone, and web accounts as long as you’re within the set range, which you can customize up to three meters. Once your key is within range of your devices, it automatically unlocks them and logs you in. When you’re out of range, the same wireless communication allows Everykey to lock everything up automatically. 

Multiple Platform Compatibility
For your convenience, Everykey works across a variety of operating systems for your phone and laptop/desktop. The operating systems it’s compatible with are Android 6+ (Marshmallow and newer versions), iOS 10+, Windows 7+, and macOS 10.12+ (Sierra and later). On supported platforms, Everykey detects and auto-fills your login details for the websites you use. If your devices don’t use any of the supported operating systems, you can buy the Everykey Bluetooth Dongle for computers with Windows 7 and 8. 

Power and Battery
The Everykey device gets power from a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which gives you up to 15 days of battery life per charge. With this long battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted use of your key before it needs charging again. It’s convenient, especially if you tend to forget trivial things like charging devices. The battery life also varies based on usage, so you might get power for less or more than 15 days, depending on how much you use it.

Ease of Use

Once you set up your Everykey, you won’t have to think twice about it. Everything else happens automatically, with minimal effort on your part. To set it up, you have to download the Everykey app on your phone or laptop and install it. There are a variety of apps and browser extensions on the downloads page, including Everykey for WIndows, Everykey for Chrome, Everkey for macOS, Everykey for Opera, and many more. After downloading and installing the app or browser extension, you can begin the process for setting up your Everykey.

Setting up involves registering for the Everykey Vault using your email and setting a password and two security questions. After confirming your account, you can start pairing your Everykey with your devices and set up your passwords. You can also use the apps to set and change the range within which your Everykey locks and unlocks your devices. Once everything is all set, you can start using your key to automatically lock, unlock, and fill in login credentials and personal details. 

Security and Reliability

Everykey uses the same encryption that the military uses for its documents through four layers of AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit, and RSA 4096-bit encryption. A U.S. based security auditing firm, RSM, audited the Everykey software to ensure that you get the best security possible. Everykey passed both security audits; one with the best score possible, making it one of the few top companies with excellent security standards. 

Your passwords are secure with these layers of encryption, which also ensure that you’re the only one with the encryption key that unlocks your devices. By these standards, even the Everykey company can’t decrypt your passwords. 

Every time you use your key to unlock a device, it broadcasts a different message so that hackers won’t be able to intercept it and use it to spoof your device and gain access to your information. While having one key for everything sounds like a convenient solution, it’s also a security risk. 

If you lose that one key, then everything is likely compromised. Everykey solved this worrisome issue by enabling users to freeze lost or stolen keys. In case of loss or theft, you can freeze your key using the Everykey app or by calling the company, so that no one else can use it to unlock your devices or information. 


One Everykey

Two EveryKeys

Four Everykeys

One key, 1-Year Vault

Two keys, 1-Year Vault for each

Four keys, 1-Year Vault for each

$69 + free U.S. shipping

$64 + free U.S.shipping

$59 + free U.S.shipping

Help and Support

Everykey has a comprehensive support page that covers a variety of topics. Whether you have questions about the features, security, accessories, orders, or you need help with the setup, the support page has all that and a lot more. The tutorials section, for example, has simple guides for adding and removing passwords, Everykey Two-Factor Authentication, password import, and sharing, as well as changing the key’s range. 

You can check the categories relating to the issue you have to see if there’s an answer to your question. In case you can’t find something helpful, there’s a button labeled “My Question Is Not In Any Category,” which you can click to contact them directly instead. You’ll find an email address that you can send your query or complaints to. There are also links to various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where you can contact the Everykey team or engage with their community of customers. 

Bottom Line

Everykey combines convenience and security in a way that most password managers don’t. Through the use of several layers of encryption, it gives you military-standard protection for all your passwords and personal details, which you never have to remember when you need to use them. 

Apart from providing a convenient, secure way for you to use the internet, Everykey gives you a modern method of locking and unlocking your house, car, and other things. Although the device uses the highest security standards, putting every valuable thing under one key is quite risky and can end in disaster if the key falls into the wrong hands. If you realize early that the key is gone, you can freeze it, so Everykey is still a good choice for modern, guaranteed security.