In A Nutshell

Keeper password management software is one of the top-rated and most versatile systems available. It has multiple layers, namely the web app and browser extension, as well as the desktop and mobile apps, resulting in a completely flexible service. 

Whether accessing your accounts from your desktop, work computer, mobile device, or any other location, your password records are fully accessible. When compared to nearly 70 of the top password managers, Keeper comes out at the top, boasting its wide variety of features.


● Regular updates to keeper service 
● Modernized interface for improved functionality
● Improved login support with biometric features
● Options to share passwords
● Additional settings for emergency access
● Custom set logout timer
● AES-256 and PBKDF2 encryption technology
● TRUSTe and SOC-2 certified
● Zero-knowledge security

Best For

The Keeper password manager is perfect for personal and household users. Though the superior features are entirely sufficient protection for business use as well. Features such as dark web protection, encrypted chat messenger services, secure cloud vault, as well as an admin console add to the software’s versatility. 

Why Choose Keeper

One of the main reasons that clients choose the Keeper password management solution is for its generator. Users can allow it to generate a variety of strong passwords for their different profiles. Since many users opt to use the same password for fear of forgetting, this is a handy tool, mainly since the system saves all passwords.

The system stores all passwords to a secure, cloud-based vault. To access these passwords over various devices, you need only enter your master password along with employing the robust two-factor authentication.

What Keeper Offers

The Keeper password manager offers extra features at additional fees. One of these extra features includes “breach watch” for $20 per year, which monitors your personal information online. Another feature is the Keeper Chat messenger, also at $20 per year.

Instead of separate purchases, you can buy the complete bundle for $60 per year. The package includes the Keeper password manager, breach watch, Keeper Chat, and 10GB of secure cloud storage.


The main features of the Keeper Password Manager include:
● The system can assist in autofill passwords
● Sync and access across all multiple devices
● The system can assist in generating strong passwords
● Safely store debit and credit card information in a secure vault
● Make use of folders and categories to keep your saved passwords organized
● Biometric login option available
● Save an unlimited amount of passwords
● Compatible with Apple watch with the use of two-factor verification

Ease of Use

The password management system is a Keeper Chrome extension, while the Microsoft Edge extension is only downloadable through the Microsoft app store. The software is compatible with all browsers, including Keeper for Chrome and Keeper for Firefox, among others.

Since the Keeper download is available over various devices, it is refreshing to see the robust list of supported platforms. Some of the platforms include Windows 7 and over, macOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Linux.

Although the Keeper system is compatible across multiple platforms, it seems as though the desktop app provides the best user experience. The app offers a full guide to help users grasp the basics of the software. 

The mobile versions are a perfect duplication of the desktop app. Upon signing in, users need to provide their master password. As an extra security measure, Keeper randomly asks a secret security question in addition to the master password. 

Security and Reliability

For many password management systems, users are required to set a master password that cannot be recovered if forgotten. Keeper is one of two password managers to allow this. However, it is the only system to make use of a security question to reset the password.

The security procedures in place are quite strict. The Keeper software makes use of verification codes, two-factor authorization (2FA), one-time Pin (OTP), and security questions to verify the user’s identity before proceeding with any potential security breach. 

The system makes use of standard AES-256 encryption to ensure the secure storage of your information. It also has a self destruct feature, which automatically destroys all files after five failed login attempts. This feature is excellent if your laptop or mobile device is stolen.


Whether your goal is to protect a single computer or multiple, Keeper offers numerous service options. These are the various offers along as well as a description for each.

Single and Student
The annual subscription for this service is $29.99. This service is perfect for an individual and syncs across multiple platforms. Some additional features include:
● Account information and record backed up to cloud account
● Records are shareable
● Form autocomplete
● Password generators for stronger passwords

The student plan has all the same features available but comes at a discounted rate.

An annual fee of $59.99 is payable to protect your family’s browsing. This service includes an additional 10GB of secure storage. If that’s not enough, you can add more for $9.99 per year.

Business and Enterprise
The business plan consists of the same features as the previous options. The only additions are the team folders, security audits, and team management features. While the enterprise plan’s extra features include automated team managing, developer APIs, and command-line provisioning.

Help and Support

The customer support team offers exceptional service and aims to resolve client problems as quickly and pain-free as possible. The team is available 24/7 via live chat service or telephonically. 

Additionally, the website offers a maintenance guide to inform clients of any possible service interruptions as well as a complete detailed user guide. Keeper also provides a list of FAQs for self-assistance. If you still cannot find your answer, there are live Q&A webinars for further assistance. 

No matter which method of communication you choose, Keeper’s customer support department is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Whatever your query, the team is there to help you find the solution.


When comparing the Keeper password management system with some of the industry giants, it cannot hold a candle. Though it is important to note that this service is rated amongst the best available. It is one of the most elegant password management solutions possible for all to use.

Keeper is the password management system of choice for most editors. Its versatility across various platforms, along with first-class features such as two-factor authentication, sharing capabilities, and password histories, make it the first stop for security.