In A Nutshell

LastPass is a password manager ideal for personal or business use. Thanks to their generous free version, you get a majority of its free features at no cost at all. If you decide to upgrade to premium, you'll have access to the extras for a meager price.

Although it's a password manager, LastPass does a lot more. It simplifies your online life by auto-filling your passwords, payment, and shipping details. You can also store digital records and safely share passwords and notes with anyone.


● Built-in password generator
● Stores digital records such as insurance cards
● Safe and secure password and note sharing
● Emergency access to your LastPass account 
● Device syncing

Best For

LastPass remembers all passwords, providing them when you need them. It also simplifies your browsing experience by filling in payment and shipping details. Whether you’re creating new accounts or updating credentials for old ones, LastPass creates strong passwords to prevent hacking.

The algorithms used make it safe to share passwords and notes with others. They also help establish secure connections for giving employees authentication and access to sensitive data.

Why Choose LastPass 

Using several passwords on different sites can get complicated fast. Instead of writing them down or using a universal one, you can trust LastPass to remember them for you. It not only simplifies your online life but also protects you from hacking.

LastPass has a free and paid version. Their free version has lots of features that aren't too limited. For example, you can sync it across all your devices for free.

If you decide to upgrade to premium, you'll unlock more features for an easily manageable price. There's also a family plan, which gives premium features for the entire family and a business plan.

The paid plans have a free 30-day trial. That gives you ample time to try out their services before you commit. With each of their plans, you get secure password management and a simpler online life.

What LastPass Offers

With LastPass, everything about your online life is straightforward. Whether you have lots of passwords to remember for home or work, LastPass helps you with all that and more. Some benefits of using LastPass are:

Free Password Management
At zero cost, LastPass stores and remembers as many passwords as you want. Whenever you need them, they'll be available across all your devices. 

Secure Password Generation
The built-in tool makes it easier to create strong, unique passwords for new and old accounts. 

Autofill Features
You won’t need to worry about filling in long web forms anymore. LastPass does all the grunt work so you can focus on the things that matter. Whether that's shopping online or scrolling through Facebook, LastPass has your back.

Digital Records Storage
All your sensitive data is securely stored but easily accessible to you. That includes insurance cards, WiFi passwords, memberships, and even your notes.

Easy Sharing
When you need to share passwords or notes with anyone, LastPass ensures that the process is safe and secure. The process will be convenient and easy for you, as well as safe.

Premium Features
For a meager price, you can get password management for your entire family or small business. These include everything you get with the free version plus a few awesome extras.


LastPass has plenty of features, both for free and premium accounts. Some of these features are similar, with slight differences for the premium versions.

Free Features
● Password vault
The secure vault holds all your passwords, credit card details, and any other sensitive data you choose to store in there. You'll have full access to change, view, or delete whatever is in your vault.

● Device syncing
When you add your passwords on one device, you can access them on the others by logging in to your LastPass account. It makes it easy for you to log into your favorite sites on any of your devices. You can also access your vault offline. 

● One-to-one sharing
You can share anything from your vault with one other person.

● Password Generator
The built-in password generator creates strong, unique ones for all the accounts you register and fills them in for you. You can also use it to update old passwords or change duplicate ones.

● Autofill passwords
You won't need to remember all your long, complex passwords. LastPass saves them all and retrieves them from your vault whenever you need them.

● Security audits
LastPass checks your login credentials, so you can update old, reused, weak, or recently breached passwords.

● Multifactor authentication
By adding another method of confirming your identity, multifactor authentication provides an additional layer of security to your account. For example, the LastPass authenticator offers one-tap verification and secure cloud backup.

● Secure digital storage
LastPass organizes and encrypts backup copies of your addresses and most valuable documents such as passports and credit cards.

Premium Features
● One-to-many sharing
You can share anything from your vault, including passwords, with several people at once. The process is secure, and your information remains encrypted throughout to ensure security.

● Emergency access to third parties
In case of an emergency or crisis, someone you trust can have access to your vault and all the information contained within.

● Advanced multi-factor options
Besides the standard multifactor authentication, LastPass makes your security better with Yubikey, Sesame, and even fingerprint authentication.

● LastPass for Apps
You can enable autofill for Windows applications so you can launch them and log in easily.

● Encrypted file storage
You'll have 1GB of secure storage space for copies of important documents such as passports and ID cards.

● Priority tech support
As a premium member, your inquiries and requests go to the front of the line.

Ease of Use

Because LastPass means to make online life simpler, every feature offered attests to that simplicity. Whether you're sharing passwords with someone or filling in forms online, the process is a lot easier with a LastPass account.

LastPass works in browsers through extension. There are various browser extensions for different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Installing LastPass adds the relevant extension automatically, so Chrome users get LastPass Chrome and Firefox users get LastPass Firefox extensions.

With an extension such as the LastPass Chrome extension, you can log into your account and manage your vault right from your browser's toolbar. That includes adding, viewing, and changing items saved to your LastPass vault.

Sharing Passwords
LastPass is quite flexible when it comes to sharing passwords. When you select an item to share in the vault, all you need to do is click the sharing icon and fill in the recipient's email address. LastPass users get a notification while non-users receive a message with instructions on creating an account and accepting the shared item.

Filling In Forms
When you want to use LastPass to fill a form, you have to find an icon that adds to one of the empty fields. After clicking the icon, you can select any of the profiles you saved (if you have multiple addresses, for example). LastPass will immediately fill your form. 

Checking and Updating Passwords
Going through every password you have to make sure there are no weak ones or duplicates is undoubtedly a cumbersome process. LastPass reduces the entire process to a few clicks of a button. After clicking the Security Challenge icon, you'll see an audit of the strength of your passwords and a check against known breaches.

LastPass also prompts you to fix any security challenges it identifies with a simple click. For example, clicking on the Auto-Change button updates the password automatically on some supported sites. 

Security and Reliability

LastPass uses robust encryption algorithms such as AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes. Such encryption ensures your data is completely secure in the cloud. 

All data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level, so no one else but you will know what's in your vault. Even LastPass won't have access to your master password or the keys for encrypting and decrypting your data.

The multifactor authentication options available enhance your security. When you set up the LastPass authenticator, you'll have to log in with your master password and a one-time code generated by the app.

If you get tired of using authentication options such as 2FA, you can set specific devices you use as trusted. All you'll need to log in from a trusted device is your master password. The trust period only lasts 30 days, but you can delete a device from the trusted list before then and ban logins from devices that are not on the list.


LastPass has free and paid plans which you can choose according to your needs and budget. The plans include:

LastPass Free
LastPass download is free for this version. It's available for one user and gives you the following features:

● Device syncing
● One-to-one sharing
● Secure storage of passwords and copies of vital documents
● Security challenge
● Multifactor authentication
● Save and autofill passwords
● Secure password generator

LastPass Premium
At $3 per month (billed annually as $36), one user gets all features in the free plan and:

● One-to-many secure sharing
● Advanced multi-factor authentication options
● Emergency access
● Priority tech support
● LastPass for applications
● 1GB of encrypted file storage

LastPass Families
The family plan costs $4 per month for up to 6 users on the same account. The Families plan features include everything you get from LastPass premium, as well as:

● Six premium licenses
● Family manager dashboard for your convenience
● Folders for grouping and sharing items

LastPass Teams
This business plan costs $4 per user, per month with the following features:

● Simple and secure password management for teams of 50 or less
● Individual vault for each user
● Shared folders
● Zero-knowledge architecture
● Basic reporting of security risks and breaches
● Standard security policies

LastPass Enterprise
The cost is $6 per user, per month and this plan offers:

● Integrated SSO along with password management
● Over 100 customizable policies
● More than 1,200 pre-integrated SSO apps
● Centralized admin dashboard for easy control and management
● In-depth reports
● Zero-knowledge structure
● Flexible integrations

LastPass MFA
At $3 per user, per month, this plan gives your business:

● Adaptive authentication
● Biometric authentication options
● In-depth reports
● Centralized, granular control
● Flexible integrations
● Contextual authentication policies

LastPass Identity
For $8 per user, per month, this plan combines all the features of the Enterprise and MFA plans to give you:

● Adaptive authentication
● In-depth reports
● Zero-knowledge security
● Over 1,200 pre-integrated SSO apps
● Biometric authentication factors
● Integrated SSO password manager
● Contextual authentication policies

Help and Support 

With any kind of software, there’s the chance that you might face some problems. The LastPass Help and Support system is fully prepared to help you through such in only a few clicks. 

The bot has some predefined questions and multiple answer options you can select. It's helpful for basic queries like which plan is right for you or how LastPass works. For more complex queries, you'll have to try other methods.

The forum has several topics ranging from technical questions about LastPass products to customer feedback. You can browse through those or use the search features to find answers to questions you have. 

User Manual
The page has all the information you need on the features and tools available from your LastPass account. There are also links to free live training and the LastPass blog under the Resources section. You can type your question in on the support page or use it to reach an agent for help.
Pros and Cons
The pros and cons of LastPass are:


LastPass offers standard password manager features that simplify your online life. Their many other features and various paid plans are extra benefits. For a low price, you can ensure the security of your family or business with any of the available plans.

If you need an affordable password manager that keeps all your information secure, LastPass is worth a try. In addition, it makes your online life simple so you can enjoy browsing, shopping, and anything else you do on the internet with ease.