In A Nutshell

Filling in online forms, creating complex secure passwords, and remembering them all is easier with the NordPass download. Whether you get the free version or splurge on premium, it stores everything that matters, ensuring your security online. Plus, sharing your passwords is safer and easier, thanks to their secure technology.


● Generates secure passwords
● Uses exceptional encryption algorithms
● Easy, safe password sharing
● Simple to use
● Has a free version and a variety of premium plans
● 30-day money-back guarantee
Best For
● Storing and organizing your logins, private notes, and credit cards
● Risk-free password sharing
● Generating new passwords and adjusting them to suit different websites 
● Automatic filling in of online forms

Why Choose NordPass

Keeping track of every password, you use across various sites can be hard, especially if you follow the rules of generating strong ones. NordPass makes password management effortless, saving you time and a whole lot of trouble.

The top-level security is another thing to love about this password manager. NordPass uses the highest level of cryptology standards and the latest encryption algorithms. With such protection, you won't need to think twice about your passwords.

Thanks to the NordPass zero-knowledge architecture, no one else, but you will know what's in your vault. It's another layer of security on top of all the top-notch encryption available.

There are a variety of plans to choose from, including a free version with lifetime access. If you decide to upgrade to the premium version, you can explore any of the paid plans available. A more extended subscription means more significant savings, plus 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans.

What NordPass Offers?

There's a lot to gain when you use NordPass, from standard password management features to benefits unique to their services. These include:

A Free Plan
With NordPass' free plan, you don't even need to enter your credit card details. After setting up your account, you choose a password and download NordPass. In those few easy steps, you'll be well on your way to enhanced online security.

Paid Plans
If you want to experience more of NordPass, you can sign up for the paid plans. There are three different ones, varying in duration and pric,e so you can choose the one that suits your needs. You can pay for whichever plan you choose using credit cards or cryptocurrencies. 

Secure Storage
Whether you want to keep your login credentials safe or store some private notes, the NordPass vault is secure enough for that. You can access your vault and everything in it whenever you want with your master password.

Password Generator
Instead of getting creative with combinations of your birthday and name, you can create secure passwords with NordPass. It's a hassle-free process with built-in randomness, perfect for generating unique passwords for all your accounts. 

Autofill Password Tools
NordPass remembers your complex passwords and fills them in for you when you need them. You save time and avoid the stress of having to reset your passwords.

Secure Password Sharing
Trusted NordPass users can access data in your vault so you can share your information securely with friends and family.


The basics and the extras; NordPass has them all. NordPass offers convenience, whether you need to keep your credentials safe or you're tired of having to type in your details every time you want to access a site. Some of the features available from the NordPass password manager are:

Top-Level Security
NordPass keeps all your sensitive data safe using the latest security practices. With the industry standards they adhere to, even they won't know what's in your vault. Some of the security measures they use include XchaCha20 encryption, zero-knowledge architecture, and two-factor authentication. 

Device Syncing
As long as you have the master password, you can access your vault anytime, anywhere. NordPass syncs all your passwords across all devices so you can access your accounts without any hassle. The password manager supports several platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Browser Integration
Besides supporting multiple platforms, NordPass works on a variety of browsers through extensions. These include Chrome Firefox, Opera, and Edge. Upon installation, you get a matching browser extension such as NordPass chrome or Nordpass firefox. 

NordPass Free
The free version is ideal for anyone who only needs the basics for password management. It works on only one device at a time and has most of the features apart from secure password sharing.

NordPass Premium
Upgrading to a paid version allows you to use NordPass on six devices at the same time. Plus, you have access to all the features available.

Ease To Use

You can access your vault on your phone or computer, thanks to the multiple-platform support from Nordpass. Download and installation of the free version don't take much time. You create an account using your email, select a password, and you're all set.

When you decide to upgrade and explore the premium features, you simply choose a plan and a payment method. After upgrading, you can add up to six devices on your account and enjoy a seamless browsing experience on each.

The browser extensions make your browsing experience easier and quicker. With a NordPass chrome extension, for example, you won't need to worry about filling in forms or typing in your login credentials every time. NordPass does it for you so you can get where you want to be, faster.

Your passwords sync across all devices and platforms you use so you can move from one to the other, stress-free. If you're wary about having to remember the master password, you can use biometrics instead. NordPass lets you replace it with a fingerprint so you can access your data with one touch when you use your phone. 

In case you need to share your data with others, NordPass offers secure password sharing. Your data stays encrypted throughout the sharing process, and third parties won't gain access to it. 

Security and Reliability

NordPass keeps your data safe through plenty of security measures you can rely on. These include:

● XChaCha20 encryption
The algorithm is one of the most secure technologies used to encrypt NordPass vaults. Google, Cloudflare, and other companies use it to ensure their users enjoy fast and safe connectivity. 

● Zero-knowledge architecture
Putting all your data in the hands of a password manager can feel a little daunting. NordPass eliminates that concern with their zero-knowledge architecture. That means they'll keep your data safe, but they won't even know what it is.

Such design protects your data even in the event of a server breach, and it extends to cloud back-ups. All encryption and decryption of your data happen locally (on your device), so it's secure from everyone, including NordPass.

● Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Nordpass offers two-factor authentication for extra security. It uses two pieces of evidence to confirm your identity, which can be your email account and a verification code, plus an authentication app. 

2FA with NordPass requires you to enter your email address first. You'll receive a 6-digit code to that email address, which you enter on the NordPass login page. After that, you'll need to enter the verification code generated by an authentication app.

● Backups and Sync
Backing up your data is good practice to prevent significant losses in the event of device breakdowns. NordPass encrypts, backs up, and syncs your data online frequently to keep it safe. Besides keeping your data secure, this process ensures it's always up to date. 

● Biometric Authentication
When you use an iOS or Android device, you can ensure your data stays secure with biometric authentication. By using biometrics such as your fingerprint to access your account, you can avoid having to memorize a long master password. It also ensures that you're the only one with access to your data.


If you need essential password management, you can download and install the free version. You can use your account on one device and access most of the standard features. For more features, you can upgrade to premium with any of the following plans:

2-year plan
At the low cost of $2.49 per month, you can get full access to Nordpass features for two years. You save 50% with this plan that's billed as $59.76 every two years. 

1-year plan
The 1-year plan costs $2.99 per month, billed as $35.88 every year. With this plan, you save 40% and get a year's access to everything NordPass has to offer.

1-month plan
If you're not ready for a long-term commitment with NordPass, the 1-month plan is perfect for you. In the long run, it costs more, priced at $4.99 per month. You get access to all NordPass features for a month and explore everything available.

Premium plans cover up to 6 devices, giving you more accessibility to your accounts. You can try the paid plans for free for seven days before committing to any of them. There's also a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a refund if you don't like what you get. 

Help and support

Whether you have questions about their services or you're having trouble setting up NordPass, you can email them anytime and get help. The support team is available 24/7 to help whenever you need them. 

You can find answers to some common issues under the support page. The page has several sections, including Getting Started, General Info, Troubleshooting, and Billing. You can click on any of those sections to find information relevant to your problem or use the search bar for quicker results. 


NordPass is quite tech-savvy, using industry-leading encryption algorithms to protect your information. Despite this, users get a simple interface so they can use the password manager with ease on a device of their choice. There are many security measures in place to guarantee the safety of your data from all kinds of threats.

With the simplicity of the software, comes a limitation of what it can do. It only allows you to use your account on a limited number of devices, and there aren't a lot of features in any of the plans. Still, what it does have is good enough for anyone who wants to store credit cards safely or do away with the stress of remembering passwords.