In a Nutshell 

RememBear offers a unique and fun way to manage your passwords online. An animated bear is used in the mix, adding character to what would typically be a lifeless program. 

A big grizzly bear guards your passwords and information, adding something different into the app. With a host of competitors striving to be at the number one spot, RememBear offers a straight-forward, affordable, and uncomplicated approach to password security. 


Features: Secure, simple password management platform 
Ease of use: No experience needed, easy to use
Reliability: Features automated locking and encrypted data before moving to the cloud
Value: Users can enjoy the unlimited version for as little as $3 per month
Money-Back Guarantee: Offers free use for 30 days before signing up

Best For

● Managing unlimited passwords for various accounts
● Digital wallet solution, safely storing credit card details 
● Basic, easy-to-use functionality
● Creation and safe storage of notes

Why Choose RememBear 

RememBear allows you to trial the software for 30 days before any commitments. This simple, straightforward password manager will enable you to safely store unlimited information relating to your sign-in details for the various sites you visit regularly. 

Featuring end to end security, you have the option to stick with the free version and enjoy the absolute minimum or upgrade to the paid version to enjoy a few more features.

The platform uses a grizzly bear, which gives an element of fun and sticks in your mind. The software lacks a few high-end features, but it covers the basic requirements of storing passwords and credit card information safely for future use. 

Users will only ever need to remember one password. When you register with RememBear, you’ll need to create a master password. This is safely stored away and is your key to unlocking your information with RememBear. 

When you create your master password, the program uses a New Device Key (NDK) method. This allows you to have a unique password that makes it impossible for anyone else to access your stored information. 

The NDK works by adding a sequence of random characters to your chosen password. By doing this, any user trying to hack your accounts will not succeed in gaining access to your credit card information or saved passwords for various sites.

What RememBear Offers 

RememBear offers what most password management software packages provide, which is securely managing the many passwords you require to access various sites and platforms online. 

There are no unique features that other competitors don’t offer, which makes RememBear quite average in its offering. You can expect to find the following features when you make use of RememBear:

● Manage passwords for all website accounts; there are no limits to the number of unique codes you can store
● Import passwords you already have on major search engines or competitor password management software like 1Password
● Functions as a digital wallet, safely storing your credit card information 
● Allows you to create and keep notes safely
● Regular data backups
● Generates passwords for you
● Features a quick search for log-ins
● Has an account recovery backup


RememBear offers all of the standard features you would expect from a password management platform. The main features you can find when you opt to use RememBear are:

● Unlimited Log-ins
The program allows you to store and save an unlimited amount of log-in information for as many sites as you like. Also, you can store unlimited notes and credit card information using this simple service.

● Automatic password generator
You don’t have to come up with a password each time you visit a new site. The secure, intuitive software will automatically generate a safe password that you can store safely, ensuring that your data is protected from hackers.

● Backups in the cloud
RememBear stores your information securely in the cloud, so no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can be sure to access the sites you regularly visit with ease. 

● Syncs across devices
You can make use of multiple devices at one time, with your one subscription plan. The plan is affordable and ensures you always have access to the information that you need across various instruments that you make use of. 

It’s important to note that you can only make use of the syncing feature when you subscribe to the premium plan. 

Subscribers can use both desktop and mobile devices with RememBear; the program isn’t limited to only one type of instrument. Users on Mac, iOS, Android, as well as Windows operating systems will face no difficulties downloading this effective password manager.

Ease of Use

RememBear isn’t known for its advanced, high-level features. Instead, it’s a trusted, easy to navigate platform that enables you to keep your passwords safely stored for use anytime. 

RememBear aims to keep the process simple for users, making it uncomplicated and allowing for easy internet browsing and shopping. High-end users might find that the lack of advanced features leaves them out in the cold. If the expert functionality is what you’re looking for, RememBear isn’t for you. 

In essence, customers using this application will no doubt find that their online shopping is considerably easier, having all their passwords and payment information safely stored away. You can rest assured that every personal password you have for each site you visit will be safely and securely tucked away. 

It’s impossible to have to recall login information for each site you visit, or bank account pins and passwords. RememBear takes all of this critical information and keeps it safely stored away where no-one can ever reach it.

Security and Reliability

The platform functions well as a fundamental management tool for your credentials, and not much more. There’s a two-factor authentication process, which is worthy of being noted. It also has a backup kit to recover your account if you need to do so. 

One of RememBear’s advantages is that the service is independently audited from time to time. This is to ensure that all the necessary security standards are always maintained. 

Another important note to remember is that if a hacker could ever access RememBear’s central servers, it would be impossible to get any user’s master passwords. RememBear uses a Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This exchange allows their server to verify a user’s unique master passcode without actually having the information stored on the server itself. 

RememBear comes to you from the trusted McAfee family, but like many other tech companies, they have had their fair share of issues. Overall, RememBear offers a practical solution as a credential management tool online. 


It’s notable to mention that RememBear offers you a 30 day free trial period to try out. If you choose to continue, there are three options you can choose from.

One year plan  Billed at $36 annually   This equates to a cost of $3 / month
Two-year plan  Billed at $60 once off  This relates to a fee of $2.50 / month
Three-year plan Billed at $63 once off  SPECIAL PRICE - this equates to $1.75 / month

From the above, it’s advisable to select the three-year plan for the best value for money. 

Some users might find the one-off annual payment a bit much to have to pay. The positive side is that once the amount is deducted from your account, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your credit card information or forgetting important passwords and log-in information. 

Help and Support

RememBear doesn’t offer an acceptable level of support, or what is generally provided by competing companies. This doesn’t come as a surprise, however, considering the application doesn’t offer an advanced level of features. It’s essential to keep in mind, though, RememBear aims to provide an easy-to-navigate app, rather than a high-spec offering. 

You won’t find a dedicated support line to make contact with the company, but you can send a communication through the online form outlining your concern or problem. Although it states that you can expect feedback within 48-hours, many users have found that the response time is less than advertised.

Bottom Line

RememBear is an acceptable and affordable offering and caters to the average internet user. Individuals who incur massive spend over the net may feel safer with more advanced applications. Still, for the general web population who are content with the standard cover, this is a suitable choice. 

The intuitive service, like many of its competitors, gives you peace of mind knowing you can access any of the sites you visit with ease. Forgetting passwords and needing to reset them over and over again is officially a thing of the past.

Many online reviews will comment on the simplicity of the application, but it’s in this that many users find comfort. Less experienced users are reluctant to purchase expensive, feature-heavy applications out of fear that they lack the knowledge to use them. It’s here that RememBear has the advantage. If it’s a password management system you’re looking for, then this is it.

Other password management applications like 1Password are incredibly useful, but they have a lot of features. RememBear is attracting many new customers, based on the easy navigation around the program.

One of the criticisms that RememBear is facing that needs attention is the need to add a family plan to its offering. Priced at $3/month is a competitive deal, but unfortunately, when you have a large family, it can become a costly exercise.