In a Nutshell

Roboform is a reliable password generator with high-end encryption capabilities. Password tools autofill logins and sync across multiple devices. Roboform is compatible with different operating systems and browsers.


● Top-notch encryption
● User-friendly interface across all platforms
● 30-day money back guarantee
● All password management tools integrated in one robust software

Why Choose Roboform

It is normal today to use many social media accounts, shopping services, as well as email services and banking apps. Online security demands the use of different usernames and passwords for each account. 

It is hard to memorize and keep track of usernames and passwords for each website used. Roboform safeguards sensitive and personal information for individuals, families, and businesses. It protects against data breaches and malware threats. RoboForm is the only password manager that organizes bookmarks across all browsers and devices. 

What Roboform Offers

RoboForm was released in 1999. It is well-known as a reliable password manager and form-filler that stores data all in one place. In 2004, a portable version became available.

It helps users stay secure online with tools that encrypt and sync online passwords, payment information, and even ATM pins. Unlimited password storage makes RoboForm stand out among password management platforms.

High-End Encryption Capabilities
RoboForm is a tool designed to simplify your digital existence. The password manager works with cross-platform compatibility. It can store unlimited passwords. Automatic form-filling makes bank account details, addresses, and other types of personal information. AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256, 4096 iterations is used.


The free and paid versions of RoboForm are available across platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and all major browsers, including Windows, Safari, Roboform Chrome, Roboform Firefox, and Edge. The software is also available as a Roboform Chrome extension.

RoboForm Free offers: 
● Automatic form completion
● Storage folders for unlimited login credentials
● Advanced encryption
● Support for desktop and mobile devices
● An indispensable tool for filling sweepstake forms
● Safety is the same as a premium edition

RoboForm Everywhere adds useful features such as:
● cloud backup
● login sharing
● password syncing
● Priority support service
● Emergency access

RoboForm Everywhere Family offers:
● Same as RoboForm Everywhere Individual features
● Accounts provide space for up to five users 
● Each account holder can save and sync their unique personal logins

RoboForm For Business includes:
● All the RoboForm Everywhere features
● Increases productivity
● Ability to manage employee logins and data through a centralized management system
● Permissions are customized for individual accounts for employees
● Company security standards maintained
● all users within a company can use RoboForm
● Tailored to each employee or group's needs

Ease to Use

Use the mobile app, browser window, or desktop applications to access RoboForm. No matter how you connect, your experience will be streamlined and straightforward. 

In the latest version of the service, RoboForm 8, the start page is designed to be intuitive. Pin most used login credentials for quick access and management. Insecure passwords alerts are on the start page, and the desktop version. You can secure your account with a fingerprint or a PIN. RoboForm supports CSV imports and exports.

The Roboform download process is also super-simple, regardless of the OS you use.

Security and Reliability

When RoboForm saves your passwords, it encrypts them using AES256. Advanced Encryption Standard uses a symmetric key encoder with a key length of 256 bits. This is standard practice across the cyber-security industry. It makes it virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to your information. 

RoboForm helps customers set strong passwords and sends out alerts if the same password appears in multiple sites. A password generator up to 500 characters in length secures account information. Two-factor authentication increases security.


Free, Individual, Family, and Business subscription levels are offered. Paid one, three, or five-year subscriptions are available for Businesses. Discounted rates for longer subscription times can be an advantage.

Business pricing is per user/per year. Depending on the size of the Business, different price subscriptions are available. Subscriptions are reasonably priced, with the Family plan being a good value. 

University students and professors are eligible for free one-year subscriptions. A special rate continues as long as their student or professor status continues. There is a referral program for users to promote RoboForm. Both new members and current members receive a free six-month extension to their subscriptions.

2020 Pricing Chart





Unlimited logins

Fill web forms

Multi-platform support

Strong encryption

Password audit

Securely send logins

Receive emergency access

Application logins

Manage bookmarks



Individual Benefits plus:

Sync across all devices

Cloud backup

Two factor authentication

Secure shared folder

Grant emergency access

Web access

Priority 24/7 support




Family Plan

Everywhere Benefits plus:

5 Everywhere users

Sync across all devices

Account data backup

Share logins securely

Premium 24/7 support


Business Pricing 2020


  • Password manager
  • Password generator
  • Identity forms
  • Online account
  • Secure folder sharing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Dual step authentication
  • Password audit
  • Sync across all devices
  • Centralized employee onboarding
  • Centralized policy deployment
  • Secure group sharing
  • Role based access permissions
  • Unlimited number of admins
  • Additional two-factor authentication
  • Active directory integration
  • Password audit for users and groups
  • Advanced reporting
  • Dedicated tech support
Company SizeBusiness Licence (Per User/Per Term Pricing)

1 Year

3 Years

5 Years


















  • Custom price with flat annual fee
  • Extended evaluation period
  • Dedicated evaluation engineer
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom two-factor authentication
  • Custom terms and conditions

Help and support

Support is available 24/7. Online chat system, phone help, or support tickets to resolve issues. Send a Facebook message or arrange a callback. An online Help Center is open in several different languages. Paid subscription users can receive priority support during EST working hours. 

RoboForm offers free emergency contacts and access to members. This includes events of death, incapacitation, or as a method of account recovery.


One of the best password managers on the market, RoboForm will keep information secure with advanced encryption. Logins sync between devices used to access online accounts. Password organization is easy with folders and a useful search tool.