In a Nutshell

Dozens of online accounts: dozens of passwords to remember. Ideally, we’d store the keys to our accounts in our memory, where only we can access them. In reality, many people quickly lose track of their passwords and write them down on paper or in a text file.

Of course, doing so makes your sensitive information much more at risk of being seen by people who have no business looking at it. In the world of cybersecurity, these are known as bad actors.

Having a presence online means keeping all of your information secure - or at least trying to. So how do you juggle protecting passwords from bad actors and keeping track of them all?

Enter StickyPassword. With the StickyPassword password manager, you only need to remember one set of credentials. The rest is safely stored by StickyPassword - who can also securely store things like credit card numbers, addresses, and other personally identifiable information.


StickyPassword acts as a digital vault of sorts. Once you set up an account, you need only remember your StickyPassword login credentials. StickyPassword covers all other information you choose to store with it.

There are very few limits to what you can store with StickyPassword. From text memos to IDs and passport numbers, StickyPassword is much more than a simple password manager.

The autofill feature allows you to quickly complete forms online - like shipping addresses or billing information. The AES-256 encryption used by StickyPassword provides the same robust security used by the US military. 

If you wish, you can sync your information across all of your devices. Doing this allows you to enjoy the features of StickyPassword even if you’re not in front of your PC. The StickyPassword download is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC, so your OS of choice won’t affect your ability to use the program.

Best For

Since it’s so easy to get started with StickyPassword, it’s suitable for just about anyone who uses online accounts. If you have more than a few passwords to remember, StickyPassword saves time, and annoying password resets by remembering all of your credentials for you.

Anybody who is safety-conscious can benefit from using a password manager like StickyPassword. If you’ve ever found yourself writing down passwords so you don’t forget them, you’ll find a much more secure option in StickyPassword.

It can be highly useful if you have a lot of logins, whether for your work or personal life. Most people like to use different passwords for different sites, email accounts, and social media. It can become difficult to keep track of them all.

Maybe you’re one of those people who like to use passwords that look a lot like the cat walked across the keyboard; strings of random characters. If so, bravo - those are harder for hackers to crack. The downside is, they can be difficult to remember. StickyPassword can strike a balance between hefty passwords and actually being able to put them to use.

If you have any technically challenged family, StickyPassword could be their saving grace. It can help save you from being the resident IT guy or gal every time grandma forgets her password. It will also keep grandma from writing down her login credentials for the world to see.

Finally, if you find yourself filling in a lot of PII - personally identifiable information - StickyPassword’s autofill feature can save hours of time by automatically filling out that info for you. 

Why Choose StickyPassword?

Above, we listed the reasons you might need or want a password manager. But why choose this particular one?

Remember the AES-256 encryption we mentioned earlier? That’s not the only thing keeping your sensitive data safe. Although it is a strong safeguard, StickyPassword also uses things like two-factor authentication each time you log in. This feature can be turned on or off and is highly useful when you’re traveling or attempting to log on from a different IP address.

It might sound scary that so many credentials and PII are accessible by using one master password on this program. To avoid security incidents, your master password is the one thing StickyPassword never saves - not on servers, not even on your devices. If you wish, the only place you’ll ever find your master password is in your memory - the most secure place possible.

If that isn’t enough, StickyPassword offers biometric authentication on supported Android and iOS devices. Fingerprint scanning is one method of authenticating your login, meaning only you are able to do it.

The WiFi sync feature also allows you to take charge of the networks where your information syncs. If you don’t trust the network, StickyPassword won’t transmit any data across it.

What StickyPassword Offers?

Ease of access and security are the two biggest things StickyPassword brings to the table. Not all password managers are created equally - some have weak security and not so user-friendly features.

StickyPassword solves the issues of usability and security by providing the following services:
● Password Manager
● Autologin and Autofill
● Digital Wallet
● Password Generator
● Secure Sharing
● Secure Notes
● USB Password Manager
● Synchronization 

Each feature is backed by the same, sturdy security measures mentioned previously. By using StickyPassword, you can manage all of your sensitive information online without fear of vulnerabilities or threats.


Let’s look a little deeper into those services offered by StickyPassword.
For starters, their password manager is your one-stop for securely storing all of your online logins. Just remember your master password, and StickyPassword takes care of the rest.

Autologin and autofill streamline the process for both logging in and filling out your information. It cuts time and increases safety by keeping all that data away from prying eyes.

The digital wallet feature lets you set up a credit or debit card (or several of them). Then you can pay with one click of the mouse next time you make an online purchase or pay a bill.

StickyPasswords’ password generator takes the legwork out of creating a “super strong” password. No “ABC1234” passwords here. The complex and unique passwords generated by StickyPassword are also stored for you, so remembering long chains of random characters are something you don’t need to worry about.

Secure sharing is yet another feature that lends to the usability of StickyPassword. You can grant access to certain information to whoever you need to - whether that’s team members at work or family members at home. You can also edit and restrict access to anything at any time by editing sharing settings.

Secure notes and memos are available on your tablet, PC, and phone. Secure and encrypt them with StickyPassword, and no one will see them unless you grant access.

If you’re a Windows user, StickyPassword offers the option of creating a portable copy. It works on flash drives, external hard drives, and memory cards. This allows you to take security with you, like when you need to access things from a public PC, for example.

Finally, the versatility of StickyPassword means it can be used across many devices and browsers. StickyPassword Chrome download and StickyPassword Chrome extension are popular choices. StickyPassword Firefox is another combination that works well. However, if you prefer browsers like Microsoft Edge or IE, it’s available to you too. In total, eleven different browsers support StickyPassword.

Ease of Use

Since you only need to remember one master password, using StickyPassword is as easy as doing just that. 

Once you set up an account and enter in all of the information you’d like available for logins and autofill, the rest is easy. The simple to navigate site also allows you to fine-tune your account for things like sharing, two-factor authentication, and WiFi syncing.

You also have access to a Smart Security Dashboard, which lets you look at the status - and any suspected vulnerabilities - within your managed data.

Security and Reliability

Intel backs the technology used by StickyPassword. In fact, StickyPassword and Intel worked side by side to combine Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) into CPU enclaves.

Since StickyPasswords security relies a lot on you remembering that master password, much of the security and reliability is in your hands. Don’t share the master password, don’t write it down, and you can utilize the heavy security offered by StickyPassword.


StickyPassword has two plans, and one of them is free if you need to give it a test run before committing financially.

The free-to-use plan includes a 30 day trial of premium, so you can see if premium is a better choice for you. With this version, you’ll get access to:
● Autofill and autologin 
● Password generator
● Digital wallet
● Secure notes
● Two factor and biometric authentication
● Portable (USB) version
● Unlimited encrypted password and data storage

The premium version costs $29.99 per year per user or $159.99 for lifetime use for one user.

You’ll get everything that comes with the free version, plus:
● Cloud and local WiFi sync across your devices
● Secure sharing
● Secure cloud backup
● Priority support
● Save the manatees

A note on that last point: when you buy premium, a portion of the fee goes towards saving endangered Florida manatees. 

Help and Support

There is an extensive FAQ section on StickyPassword’s website, which can help walk you through minor issues without needing a support agent.

For premium users, you can reach support via the help submission form. On working days, the usual response time is within 24 hours. Help is available in eight languages: English, French, Japanese, Dutch, German, Ukrainian, Russian, and Czech.

There are also discussion boards on the site which can help get small problems solved and questions answered through community support.


For our StickyPassword review, we rate it overall positive - and highly recommended for a variety of uses. We like that it’s a good option for individual users and businesses alike. It’s also easy to use for anyone, whether it’s an entire team at the workplace or an elderly relative who has trouble remembering passwords.

For those who spend a lot of time online and need to use credentials frequently, it’s an ideal answer to time-consuming tasks. The secure digital wallet feature also saves the effort of entering in credit and debit card information if you do a lot of online banking.

Autofill is highly useful when you need to enter in addresses or other lengthy data. We also like that these features are supported across many devices and browsers, not just one. 

When using StickyPassword, everyday tasks are simplified in a secure manner.